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Active baby care

bebi_care1.jpgLittle children, especially newborns, have thinner, more susceptible and more sensitive skin than adults; also their skin is exposed to fraction and humidity. Babies’ skin is drier than adults’, therefore all actions and items that make it dry, less greasy and irritated should be avoided. Parts of the body which are in touch with the diapers should be treated carefully, because these parts of the skin are exposed to urine and stool for a longer period of time. If a baby’s skin is not nurtured it looses moist, becomes dry and susceptible to irritation, allergic reactions and infection. Redness, blisters, flecks and rough skin on the part covered with diapers are most often signs of diaper rash. This phenomenon is harmless, but babies and little children cannot stand it and they become nervous and cranky. For that reason, a regular care of children’s skin is necessary with special formulas for washing, cleaning, nurture and protection of the skin.  

The right choice of cream

baby_care3.jpgCreams must have emollient, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic effect and they must encourage skin regeneration. For diaper area hydrophobic crams are made, and for the rest parts hydrating creams are more suitable. There are various active components added for more intensive care of babies’ skin, however plant oils such as almond, marigold, four o’clock and chamomile oil are the ones that ensure normal epithelium functioning.  

Plant oils in baby creams

baby_care2.jpgAlmond oil is ideal, because the skin absorbs it exceptionally and yet leaves a mild greasy layer on the skin. It contains minerals and essential fatty acids, and is rich in A, B, D and E vitamins, so it intensively nourishes the skin, especially dry and sensitive one. It helps relieve itch, dryness, burns and inflammations. Four o’clock oil is rich in one essential fatty acid gama linolen acid, thanks to which it gives back elasticity to dehydrated, dry and rough skin. It softens and also conditions and hydrates the skin. It regulates cell metabolism, secretion of sebaceous glands and creation of sebum, gives balance back to skin and participates in maintaining normal skin functions.
Marigold oil is an excellent choice for dry and normal skin because it contains vitamins, minerals and fatty acids which make them nutritious for the skin and effective in cosmetics. It nourishes the skin, calms it down encouraging regeneration and epithelization, and has anti-inflammatory effect so it can prevent inflammatory processes on the skin.
Baby creams are also added one of the most renowned oils in traditional medicine, chamomile oil. This oil supposedly has power to help quicker healing of a damaged tissue, and stimulates metabolic processes of the skin, has anti-inflammatory effect and helps with infective changes on the skin. These features are the reason that chamomile is an ingredient of almost every formula for baby care.

Panthenol for right skin functioning

Panthenol is also an excellent choice for skin care, because it is a pro-vitamin of vitamin B5 and as such affects metabolic processes inside the skin which results in preserving right skin functioning while stimulating regenerative processes in damaged and ailing skin. Panthenol establishes and maintains natural moisture, softness and elasticity of the skin. 
Zinc oxide as an astringent and absorbent is ingredient of almost every baby cream, because these features are very efficient in protecting epithelium. Even if a rash occurs it does not automatically mean that it is a result of parents’ negligence, but it could be concurrence of events. To prevent occurrence of rash or redness it is necessary to wash the skin under lukewarm water before putting the diaper on, wipe it only by tapping and put on an adequate cream. The only way to prevent damaging newborns’ skin is right skin care.