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About Us

kirka_corporation.jpgKIRKA CORPORATION D.O.O. was founded on 1st August 1989. The founders are married couple Slavica and Slobodan Janjusevic. The company was named by a sorceress from Greek mythology, who enchanted and seduced Odyssey with her beauty. That name conceals their wish to do something magical. Their fundamental motivational energy comprised professional self-confidence, life and work experience and a chance to show private initiative.
The enthusiasm turned into reality with two big factories constructed boiler factory KIRKA SURI and remedial herbs processing plant KIRKA PHARMA. All the income hardly gained was directed to production and development.
Many years of experience in the area of phytopharmacy has made Kirka Pharma one of the leading manufacturers of phyto-preparations and dietary products.
Supreme quality and design of a vast range of products ensured consumers trust in Kirka.

Our inspiration
Natural beauties and wealth of our country. 
Ecologically clean and preserved areas with plenty of sunshine, mountains, thermal and natural waters.
Richness in forest fruits, remedial herbs with high percentage of active substances growing wild and grown on plantations. 
Very long and rich tradition of using tea and balm in folk medicine. 
Belief in miraculous healing power of herbs and phyto-preparations.

Our results 
 Supreme quality of products.
 Satisfied clients and partners.
 Strategic environmental concern.

 Expert team of pharmacists, technologists, etc.
 Constant cooperation with institutions for scientific research.
 Quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP standards.
 Numerous awards for quality on specialized fairs. 
 Leading position in the area of phytopharmacy on domestic and foreign market.