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Obesity, illness of modern times

mrsavljenje1.jpgIn the world, and in the last decade even here, there are more and more people with the problem of being overweight. According to WHO (World Health Organization) obesity is getting epidemic measures and becomes a leading problem of public healthcare at the beginning of this millennium. The problem is that majority of the population suffering from obesity considers their weight normal according to age. It is also alarming that more and more children are obese.
There is no ideal method to reduce weight. The larger amount of kilograms the longer time to regain normal weight.
Obesity is a condition of excessive fat tissue created in the organism, which endangers health and stands for real illness. Furthermore, body weight increased 15 to 20% in relation to average weight for certain height, age and sex, represents a real danger of developing certain diseases. WHO recommends calculating average rate of weight using BMI (Body Mass Index) method which is: proportion of body mass expressed in kilograms and body height times itself expressed in meters.
BMI = TM (kg) / TV2 (m)
BMI is most correlative with percentage of fat in the body, therefore it is recommended for everyday use although this calculation is not perfect.
Category of weight BMI (WHO, 1997)
Underweight  < 18,5
Normal weight 18,5-24,9
Over weight > 25
Pre-obesity 25 - 29,9
Obesity > 30
I grade obesity 30-34,9
II grade obesity 35-39,9
III grade obesity >40

Causes and effects of obesity

mrsavljenje2.jpgIn order to make loosing weight adequate and permanent, it is necessary to understand possible causes of being overweight.
Generally there are two types of obesity: the one generated by excessive eating habits, the other caused by constitution or genetics, or metabolic changes in the organism.
The basic problem lies in the fact that obesity is developed gradually, over a longer period of time. The excess piles up in fat tissue, and is maintained and worsened additionally by lessened physical activity and change of metabolic and hormonal mechanisms.
For majority of population with excessive body weight this condition is also esthetic problem. All mentioned causes emotional dissatisfaction which can be followed by even greater consummation of food and fat piling up. Surplus of kilograms can lead to serious health problems. Obesity can cause diabetes, worsens existing diabetic condition, increases frequency of occurring gull stone, increases concentration of triglycerides in blood, contributes development of arteriosclerosis and hypertension, as well as hormonal imbalance at women, and are part of the cause of degenerative changes on spine and joints.

Correct approach to loosing weight

Piled up kilograms are not easy to remove and it takes certain time. Rigorous diets that some people keep and which are popular in certain periods of time give good but short term results and regain of weight is very quick.
In order to achieve a correct weight loss, it is important to reduce everyday energetic intake (reducing fat and carbohydrates), and at the same time increase physical activity and recreation, with professional help and doctors advice. Diet must be balanced, adjusted to life environment and individual needs.
Few people know that the only factor of our health we can influence directly is the way of food intake. Modern medicine today defines food as leading remedy of 21st century. Optimum diet and healthy eating habits are the only way we can help our overall health.
Correct eating habits should provide substantial intake of nutritious energetic substances (fat and carbohydrates), constructive substances (albumins), vitamins and minerals. Ratio of these substances must be optimal. It is preferable to intake:
50% of cereals
30% of vegetables and fruit
10% of fish and sea food
10% of legumes
Nowadays, considering popularity of the topic, there are numerous programs for loosing weight, diets, anti-cellulite treatments, but the results are very often short term, with even larger consequences for health. Experts have been warning us about the intake of adequate quantities of liquids, because not only that dehydration is prevented, but also diuretic effect is achieved and kidneys function is increased.
Drinking tea can greatly help solving this kind of problem, because they are the best natural diuretics urging water and toxins excretion together with metabolic products, thus enhancing your complexion and strengthening your skin. Also, tea such as senna and Glossy Alder buckthorn improve physiological functions of digestive tract and contribute better metabolism of fat substances, act favorably on peristaltic of intestines and lessen anxiety in abdomen. Most of teas are known and are easy to obtain: birch, corn silk, chicory, Glossy Alder buckthorn , senna, uva, cherry stalks and anis.
Many plants that grow on our locality can contribute loosing weight, certainly along with applying specific dietetic measures. Carefully chosen remedial plants improves exchange of substances and cleaning of organism, reduces swollenness (Glossy Alder buckthorn bark, senna leaf), while other stimulate function of digestive organs and kidneys and eliminate piled up toxic matters, or enhance circulation (birch, couch grass, horsetail). Herbs like lemon balm can be helpful, because they relieve from stress and depression which very often cause uncontrolled food consumption.
At the end here are some advice for keeping normal body weight:
- never eat fast
- avoid tension causes at meal time, such as watching TV
- eat always at the same time, because stomach functions best that way
- avoid eating late in the evening (after 8 p.m.)
Herbs can be used in different forms. Most often various combinations of natural ingredients are used in form of tea, drops or dry extracts in capsules. Difference between forms of using herbs causes difference in quality, concentration and bio-availability of active components. 
In treatments of excessive weight most often used herbal species are those that enhance and accelerate digestion such as Glossy Alder buckthorn and senna, mild diuretics such as corn silk and birch, which hasten elimination of harmful products of metabolism, although use of green tea is more and more popular for its proven favorable effect on human organism.
Natural ingredients ever more applied in programs for loosing weight it is necessary to mention chitosan and bromelain, which represent a revolutionary breakthrough in the dietetics.
CHITOSAN, natural ingredient of sea crustaceans shell has exceptional ability to bond fat. What is it all about? This substance contains natural celluloid fibers of chitin with fine structure, which rapidly dissolve in the stomach and attach the present fat from food to themselves. Since the fibers are indigestible and unable to reabsorb, having attached the fat, a fat mass is created which does not dissolve but gels in the intestines until it is excreted from the organism. In that way reabsorbing of new fats is disabled and existing fat is burnt for energetic needs. The result is evident reduction of fat mass. A very interesting fact is that only one gram of quality chitosan is able to attach even 80g of food fat. The effect is even better if this substance is combined with vitamin C because it greatly enhances the effect of chitosan.
BROMELAIN  is proteolysis enzyme gained from pineapple and one of the strongest enzymes participating in digestion of proteins. Combined with vitamin C it strengthens bonding tissue, works against inflammations and swelling which enhances microcirculation and accelerates elimination of cellulite.
It is preferable to use VITAMIN C in combination with preparations for loosing weight because it neutralizes effect of free radicals, improves effect of chitosan and bromelain and is necessary for synthesis of collagen and stabilization of capillary walls. All the remedial ingredients are in the nature, just waiting to be found, processed and justly used. It is also very important to know how to make a good mixture, i.e. rightly choose the ingredients and use them in right amount. Desire to look well is basic motivational force that makes new ways and treatments for loosing weight. Therefore you need to make every effort, to strongly believe and to want desperately to look good before you enter a pharmacy to buy one of these products. Good luck!
Healthy way of food consumption will help you control your body weight giving you energy and preserving your health. Healthy diet will make you look beautiful and shiny on the outside which is possible only if you are healthy inside.

Kirkolina help for slow bowel movement

Frequency of constipation (slow bowel movement) in population is around 30%, and is more frequent in women. Reasons for this phenomenon are in intestines mobility disorder although the very essence of the disorder is not clear completely.
If lasting too long constipation can lead to piling up toxic matter in the organism, enlargement of colon and in some cases even bursting.
Remedial herbs are integral part of traditional medicine, and were used by our grandmothers a long time ago. Solving the problem of constipation included using senna leaf and Glossy Alder buckthorn bark. Senozides contained in senna belong to minor group of herbal components which are natural pro-medicine. Considering that it starts to affect only after eight to twelve hours after consumption, it is good to drink the tea in the evening before going to sleep. During the night digestion process is stimulated and laxative effect takes place in the morning. 
Herbal teas not only bring relief, they also bring fluids necessary for normal functioning of intestines. These herbs, senna and Glossy Alder buckthorn together with other present components accelerate digestion, stimulate metabolism and exerting toxic matter from the organism. In Kirkolina teas concentration of active components form these herbs is minor and their effect is milder so there are no painful cramps in the stomach. Remedial herbs grow in the nature, and it is ready to help you maintain your health. Whether you should use it or not is your own choice.