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Regular facial and body skin care

beauty3.jpgMost of us were born with good, healthy skin, so it is confusing and frustrating to take so much care of it. It is very easy to get confused when deciding what skin type one has. We often wonder if our skin is dry, greasy, normal or mixed, sensitive or mature. It is very important to define which of these types one has because each skin type requires different products, as well as the fact that our skin is a great indicator of health and stress. Regardless our origin our skin suffers from outer affects and is exposed to various toxic matters. The best way to establish our skin type and condition is by simply observing it. What does it look like and how does it feel? Dry, greasy, rough or all together? 
Normal skin is balanced and all physiological processes such as oil secretion, circulation, removing horned parts of the skin are in a perfect balance. Normal skin has its gloss without blackheads, it is minimally wrinkled, and pores are barely visible and equally sized. The rarest and the most desirable type of skin.
Greasy skin is a result of over excessive secretion of sebaceous glands which are situated in deeper layers of the skin. This skin type has fewer wrinkles and other signs of premature aging. However, oily components cause pores to close and blackheads to appear; also they make superficial layers of the skin thicker. Large pores are clearly visible on greasy skin type except in the neck area as well as around the eyes. It is common on people with darker complexion. Dry skin is a result of insufficient secretion of sebum from sebaceous glands to satisfy the needs of the skin itself. It is usually thin, flaky, with pores barely visible. Very often wrinkles appear, even when the skin is young, and irritation is likely. This skin type is common on people with fair complexion.
Regardless your skin type it is very important to keep your skin as clean as you can. All the uncleanness must be cleaned regularly, otherwise the pores will stay clogged and become suitable ground for zits to appear.
Very often people have mixed type of skin, dry cheeks and greasy T zone on their face, greasy back skin and dry skin on their legs, belly and arms. Which preparations should you use without getting confused? Is there a universal formula for nurturing both face and body?
For most people these are the most important questions. Nevertheless everyday care is the most important, and in order to avoid confusion in those loads of creams you bought it is necessary to choose one of them which contains everything your skin needs. That way skin care will be easier and done on daily basis. Dermacal® marigold cream containing high percentage of marigold oil and panthenol.

Hand care

beauty1.jpgHand care comprises nurturing whole body from head to toe. For each part of the body it is recommended to use creams intended specifically for that part. This kind of care enables efficient care of each part of the body according to individual needs.
Hands as a part of the body most exposed to human eye show first signs of aging, even before the face. They reveal the secret about our age. Hand skin, unlike the rest of the body does not have sebaceous glands the excretion of which could provide superficial layer consisted of water and sebum essential for protection and softness. Despite that hand skin shows very high grade of endurance, however its sensitivity is increased by constant exposure to outer harmful effects such as all kinds of weather, in summer to the sun and sea water, in winter to cold and wind, and every day it is in contact with detergents. Combination of unfavorable weather and somewhat substandard diet can lead to dry and sensitive hand skin, very often fissured, and sometimes even abraded. People that do a very hard work (especially men) often have a problem with rough and cracked hand skin.
Hand skin care should become a part of everyday body care. It is necessary to wash hands regularly, and it is best if it is done with lukewarm water, because cold water dries hand skin, whereas hot water damages the delicate protective layer essential for keeping elasticity.
To preserve nice and healthy hand skin look it is very important to choose adequate cream, to apply after each hand wash. If you have dry skin, you should apply somewhat greasier cream, and if your skin is normal, hydrating cream should be sufficient. However, people with dry and cracked skin often do not find it convenient to use greasy creams and in that case it would be good to pay attention to the active ingredients of the cream. Combination of herbal oils and panthenol with emollients that do not excessively grease the skin but soften it and make a protective film on its surface, proved itself as a very efficient one.    
ADDITIONAL ADVICES: do not leave home without a good pair of gloves if the weather is cold, wear SPF cream when it is sunny. Do the housework in protective gloves to prevent harmful effect of detergents. If cracking and damaging still appears spread a thick layer of cream over your hands, put the gloves on and leave it like that for the night. After this kind of treatment your skin will be elastic, soft and silky smooth.

Universal preparations for skin care

beauty2.jpgThere are preparations that contain carefully chosen and balanced active components, which are suitable for nurturing all skin types of face and body. For dry and normal skin marigold oil is an excellent choice because it contains vitamins, minerals and fatty acids which make it nourishing for skin and effective in cosmetics. It nurtures the skin, calms it, and helps regeneration and epithelization, while with greasy skin it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial function being able to prevent inflammatory processes on the skin. Panthenol is also an excellent choice for all skin types; it influences metabolic processes in the skin which results in preserving the right function of the skin, while in traumatized or ill skin it stimulates regenerative processes. Panthenol generates and maintains natural humidity, softness and elasticity of the skin. Emollient ingredients are very important because they do not grease, but soften the skin making it supple and preventing over drying unlike mineral and silicone oils.