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stitna_zlezda.jpgI suffer from hypothyroiditis and my thyroid gland is causing me problems. How efficient is Kirkolina tea for loosing weight and is it safe for me to use it?
- in your case the tea can not be efficient since your being overweight is a result of hormonal imbalance in thyroid gland. In any case consult your physician.

kirkolina_caj.jpg Can I use Kirkolina tea if I suffer from high blood pressure?
- Kirkolina tea contains a large number of herbal components which have diuretic effect; therefore it can contribute lowering blood pressure. One should increase the intake of potassium (use of potassium salt is recommended).

dermacal.jpgI have psoriasis and I use marigold cream DermaCal, how long should I use it in order to accomplish some effect?
- DermaCal is a cream used as a supplement to therapy, or after the symptoms which followed the condition have disappeared, and it cannot replace your prescribed therapy by any means.

caj_kapsule.jpgWhat is better to use capsules or tea?
- Capsules are much more practical to use, while preparing tea demands certain conditions. You should do what is most convenient for you, but the best effect was noticed with combined use of tea and capsules. The capsules before the meal, and the tea after it.

mrsavljenje_efekti.jpgWhen should I expect the results of taking the formula for loosing weight?
- You should expect the results only after two weeks of using it, although the effects achieved differ from one case to another.

anticel_gel.jpgHow should I use AntiCell gel and when should I expect the results?
- It is preferable to use Anticell gel in the morning and in the evening if possible. Regarding the expected effects you must be persistent, because the cellulite is a condition which is generated throughout a long period of time and you simply need to be patient.

Can remedial herbs (tea) completely replace medicinal therapy?
- There is no way for tea to replace the medicinal therapy; it is only used as a supplement to your therapy and helping curative means.

How should I use Kirkolina tea for loosing weight and how long?
Kirkolina tea for loosing weight should be taken after each meal, and the doses depends on how many kilograms you have extra (in you own opinion), while the period of consummation is unlimited with a recommended break of one week after the first month of using it.

I have a problem with veins, because I am a diabetic. I would like to use PlantaVenol, so could you please give me an advice?
- Planta Venol is a gel which helps reducing pains resulting from damaging circulation in veins. It cools down the area where applied. It also lessens itchiness, inflammation and it can affect by soothing the condition exclusively on damaged superficial veins.