Herbal syrup
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Syrup Expectorant

100g syrup contains:
Primrose extract (Extractum primulae fluidum) 3.0 g
Thyme tincture (Tinctura Thyme) 3.0 g
Honey 2.0 g
Auxiliary material: purified water, sugar, sodium benzoate, glycerol, menthol, eucalyptus essential oil Features and functions:
The active components of the preparations show expectorant, bronchopulmonary-spasmolytic and antiseptic effect.
Saponins contained in primrose root enhance the secretion of mucus from the bronchi, dilute thick secretions and facilitate expectoration.
Thymol from thyme has mildly antiseptic effect and reduces soft-tissue inflammation.
Menthol has a local anesthetic effect, gives a pleasant feeling of cooling, which makes it easier to breathe.
Sodium benzoate complements expectorant effect of saponin since partial secretion by bronchial gland makes salt effect; the mucus becomes less viscous and easier to expectorate.

Natural bee honey complements syrup effect and strengthens the defensive ability of the organism providing a pleasant syrup flavor.
The most common use is in respiratory inflammation accompanied by productive cough and sputum (bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, cold, etc.).
Syrup should not be used by persons allergic to any ingredient of the product.
Not recommended for people suffering from diabetes.
Because of saponin content, primrose must not be taken in large doses or used continuously for a period longer than 4-6 weeks, because they can cause nausea, diarrhea, etc.  
It contains no artificial sweeteners and colors.