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MINT ETHEREAL OIL - Aetheroleum mentha pip.

It is obtained out of blooming plants. It owes its fine characteristics and diverse use mostly to its main ingredient – menthol.
Use: Mint is advised to those who suffer from headaches, whether they are in connection to vegetative nervous system factors, bad digestion, weather factors (wind, atmospheric pressure or air-humidity), neck-tension, fever, cold, sinus inflammations and fatigue.
It cleanses bronchial tubes and eliminates cold. It cures digestive system problems, such as nausea, impulse to vomit, cramps, flatulence. This oil can help wet nurses since it supports secretion of milk and also prevents blockage of milk canals. Those who travel can use it in cases of nausea, in a car or plane and also in cases of seasickness. It is used in production of toilet waters, for oral hygiene – as disinfectant, and in cosmetics for greasy-skin care.