Herbal syrup
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Syrup against dry cough

100g syrup contains:
Macerate marshmallow root (Altheae radix maceratum (1:17.35)) 2.5 g
Tincture of chamomile flowers (Tinctura Chamomillae flos) 2.0 g
Honey 2.0 g
Auxiliary material: purified water, sugar, methyl-para-hydroxybenzoate, propyl-    para-hydroxybenzoate, cultivated peppermint essential oil  Features and functions:
Marshmallow, thanks to its high content of mucus, is considered in medicine as one of the best resources for coating the soft-tissue membrane thus preventing its drying out and further irritation to cough.  Macerate marshmallow reduces muscle spasm and coats soft-tissue, thus calming dry, irritated coughs and facilitates expectoration.
Tincture of chamomile flowers thanks to its antibacterial activity reduces inflammation of the airways.
Natural bee honey complements syrup effect and strengthens the defensive ability of the organism providing a pleasant syrup flavor.
The most common use is in dry and unproductive cough, colds and chronic bronchitis.

Syrup should not be used by persons allergic to any ingredient of the product.
Not recommended for people suffering from diabetes.
Syrup can be safely used in combination with other drugs, but it is necessary to make a break of one hour between taking drugs and syrups.
It contains no artificial sweeteners and colors.
How to use:
Adults: 3 times a day 1-2 tablespoons of syrup dosage (5-10 ml).
Shake well before each use.
Method of storage:  
The formula should be stored closed in original container in a dark place and room temperature (15-25 ° C), out of reach of children.
Method of issue:  
Issued without medical prescription.
Product is not intended for diagnosis, curing, or treatment of any disease.